>Motivation Monday


So I am sure that I have totally lost my mind…because on Saturday I registered for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco!!  So that means that my training will overlap by a month, and I just signed away my Saturdays and my life for the next 7 months.  Sweet.
So now I have a dead-line…er, finish line to cross J
I am so pumped about this race.  Mentally that is.  Physically I am a wee bit nervous for the training, since I will be running for this one.  I know that I can’t run the entire race; but a nice run/ walk combo would be acceptable.  I have faith and confidence in myself that I can do this.  A positive attitude is going to be a must for this season- along with a great sports bra and body glide… and maybe some compression sleeves….
At the preview party on Saturday night, there were tons of new TNT potentials…the only three people I recognized were the staff of LLS that I already knew…so there were lots of new ladies to chat with.  One of the speakers talked about her brother who lost is battle with AML, and she was still very emotional about it.  That kind of stuff just breaks my heart.  In chatting with some of the ladies the first question everyone asked was “Have you ever done a marathon before?”…well actually I am still training for one!  The look of shock on people’s faces when the realized that I would get no break in my training go from one right to another was priceless.  They then of course asked “WHY?”  Well, my Mom didn’t get a break in her battle with cancer.  A few short respites perhaps…but no break.  Why should I take a break?  But I got some fun swag!  And a door prize!  One that I fully intend on saving for a silent auction…need the money folks. J

 SO there was a cake…in the shape of a Tiffany’s box…and it was gooood.
 They also had the finisher’s shirts for the last few years, with the necklace that was given at the end!

Earlier on Saturday I walked 9 miles, in 3.5 hours…wow.  I really had to push through the pain on that one.  The first two miles sucked as usual…but when I broke through the wall- I knew it instantly.  I felt great, like I could keep going forever!  That was right at the 4.5 mile mark.  By the time I realized I was at about 7, 7.5 miles I wanted to drop to the ground.  Just rest a bit… but we kept on going.  9 miles baby…insane what you can force your body to do against its will.  Mind over matter… that might be the new mantra this week.  Especially since I am in serious pain.  Although- even taking into consideration the pain…I need to shave some time off of my pace.  Big time.  That is a 23 minute mile. Boo.  But that time does include potty break, and water stops… it needs to be closer to 15-17.  Lots of work to do.
I did learn some lessons this weekend:
1.)    I need to stretch waaaaay more than I have been.  And more often too.
2.)    Bring extra band-aids for the guys in our group (nipple chaffing is sad, sad, sad…)
3.)    Green Apple PowerBar Gu tastes like Playdough smells. EW.
4.)    My back on my right side from just under my bra to my waistband is numb…and freezing. With a gross looking bruise.  No clue how it got there, but the numb part = bad, and scary. L
5.)    Chocolate milk is the BEST recovery fuel!!
6.)    And it’s time to start shelling out for massages at least every other week.
Even though I am in pain and crazy…I am really proud of myself.  Not even gonna lie. I rawk!

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