>Motivation Monday!- Last long training


It’s almost here!  Race day is almost here!
On Saturday I walked 12.8 miles for the first time ever…it was intense.
Miles 1-3 sucked as usual, but the torrential downpour didn’t help either.  Miles 4-6 were better- saw hourses…

I stopped at the 6 mile water stop to change my dripping wet socks and by that time it had stopped raining.  But my feet were in serious pain by that point, just due to the squish squash of water in my shoes.  I grabbed some gummy bears, power aid and was off!  Miles 7-9 were great…I was motoring right along!  My walking buddy had some IT band issues and caught a ride back to her car… hope she’s doing better!!

As I approached the mile 10 marker…I realized how much easier that last 2 miles was than when I walked the 10 miles in the rain.  Suddenly it occurred to me just how much my training has done for me.  Just as were rounded that 10 mile mark it started to rain again…light at first…but as we got to the 11 mile mark we were getting pelted…PELTED!!  I could hardly keep my eyes open the rain was coming down so hard…I was actually concerned that it was hailing!  At the last quarter mile…it began to thunder and I saw lightening…now- lightning and thunder… that is some serious motivation!!  I could hardly move at that point because my clothes and legs were soooo heavy…and I was slamming into a wall…but I made it back to my car; and then off to Coach Val’s for breakfast and TNT camaraderie, and marathon shuffle jokes J
The consistency with which my body handles these miles is amazing.  And I am very glad that it is as predictable as it is.  It helps me to know just how that day will go if I prepare, and keep consistent in my fueling process.  I look back at where I was in February at our first training…I was miserable with just three miles…but dude!  I just did 12…TWELVE and was excited about it!
Marathon training has warped my mind…but I love it.  And I think I may have talked Jeff into doing a Du with me!! Hehehehehehehehehheeeee J

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