>Happy hump day!

>Well… it’s just 4 days until the Minneapolis Half marathon…and I am bursting with excitement, and nervousness.  I think know I am prepared.  I have done my training and I can totally do this.  Yesterday I was a little bored, so I compiled a colage of motivation marathon/running quotes…I think it’s cool enough to go on the back of a t-shirt actually…

I see that I have been slacking my bloggin duties lately…but this girl’s been busy!  I have a 2 1/2 page pre-race to do list to prove it! 

So I am oficially registered for the Minneapolis Duathlon on August 28th! Woohoo!

Do you du?

 Pretty excited about that.  AND, AND…I am getting a free bike thanks to my Mom, who doesn’t use hers anymore.  SWEET.  I will just need to get a tune up, a helmet…and potentially a more comfortable seat.  But all in all, that is not too bad.

Also, this week I merged my Nike half training schedule with my Du training schedule.  And added my strength training. crap.  It’s going to be a busy summer.  Or a cruel, cruel summer…depending on how you look at it.

Woweee.  At least Ima be in shape this summer.
Well…back to my carbs.


2 thoughts on “>Happy hump day!”

  1. >Came across your blog… I like wine also!Love the quotes.. Congrats on getting registered for your Half. The Half is my favorite race.

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