T.G.I.F.E (Thank goodness it’s Friday Eve) and lessons learned this week

>It feels like it’s been a ridiculously long week.  But it is now Friday Eve and I could not be happier.

I have been struggling with this IT band BS for the better part of 2 weeks now; and I am really done with it.  So I stubbornly went to training last night.  For Kenyian out and backs.

But- it was actually really awesome.  I’d had a crappy day and I needed to work it out.  So I walked out for the first 10 minutes- and ran/ walked back in 7:14 (woot!)  The only reason I had to walk was because my lungs could not keep up with my desire to keep running.  When I started to run- it hurt.  The first few strides were bad…but then it was Forest Gump like…ya know when he breaks the braces on his legs…that is what it felt like.  And I could gooooo.  For the second out and back I walked again for the 10 minutes, but faster because my legs were warmed up.  So I made it farther in the 10 minutes than the first time, and made it back in 7:04 (WOOTY WOOT WOOT!!) Total milage was 2.57 miles in 34 minutes.  That is a 13:21 minute mile….which might be a PR for me…um that might be my first EVER PR…heehee.

I felt so awesome after.  I learned that I can run- and that I LOOOOVE it. ❤ love.

So…then I thought I was on a roll…so I biked 4 miles this morning…and now I hurt.  But it’s not bad.  Nothing a little rest and ice can’t fix.

Another lesson learned- don’t over do it.


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