Book club, knee pain and rude receptionists

So last night was the first meeting of our new “Marathon of Books” book club. And it’s going to be awesome.  We have a huge group, and I really like the way we decided to set it up.  We drew names for the next 10 months, and each person gets to pick a book, and will decide the meeting location for their book.  My head is spinning with the fun possibilities it holds for my choice, which isn’t until March- but I can’t wait!!  It was at the cute little cafe called Nina’s.  They have the BEST cookies, and smoothies…and egg salad sandwiches…yum.  The drive over there was long and annoying…but the cookie made it ALLLLL worth it.

Knee update: I can’t run.  Can’t put all my weight on it.  It’s no fun. I am in pain, and cranky about it.  So I called the PT that I have a referral on file for.  And oh my gosh the receptionist was so rude.  She said there was nothing on file, and that I would need to go back to my Doctor to get another referral, since “well- I clearly don’t see anything here for you Krispen” (yes she said KRISPEN, in one of the nastiest tones of voice I ahve heard in a while) and then I said it’s spelled K-R-I-S-T-I-N.  Here is the deal with going back to my OB for a referral….she is an OB. duh.  and is really hard to get in to see. (3 weeks and up usually) and the two clinics I called didn’t have openings for about the same lenght of time, because I am new to those clinics (apparently there are doctors that only accept a certain number of new patients a month, and on certain days…sweet huh?).  But-oh the receptionist had a wonderful idea- go to the ER…hmmm spend $1000 and probably about 8 hours in the ER, since this is a non-life threatening condition, sure…NOT.  I literally laughed out loud… for about 10 seconds…belly laughed at the suggestion.  I told her that was a stupid idea and hung up.  Now maybe that was not the most appropriate reaction- but I am in pain, and when people are rude to me like that, and sass me for no good reason- I will give it right back and I am much better at it.  And that is on a normal day- throw in pain, not being able to walk very well- let alone continue my training (super stressed about it) and that is a lethal combination of all kinds of b!tch.

Perhaps I need to head back over to Nina’s for another cookie…it made everything better yesterday!!


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