Wildcard Wednesday- Getting back on the training wagon after injury, and barefoot running

So for the last month I have been nursing an IT band injury- and I *think* that it has finally gotten to the point where I can get back out on the road.  I do think that a new pair of shoes will plan a huge part in having a successful re-entry into the training area.  I have been very interested in trying the Vibram FiveFingers®, and also the New Balance Minimus.  Has anyone used these?  I have gotten a great review of the NB from a TNT teammate and she loves them.  I feel like perhaps the amount of cushioning in my Nike Motos and my Asics are hindering me from being able to sense my gait, thus causing injury.  And injury is no good.
So I have been very interested in the idea of barefoot running, or at least the minimalist running craze.
Running and Transiting
I found a great blog- Barefoot Running University; it had awesome info for the new BFR (Barefoot Runner).  They have outlined a “Lose the Shoes” Plan that details how to transition to minimalist or BF running.  The plan outlines the transition in 5 stages, the first 4 to be over the course of 4 months.  That seems like a very long transition- but I am not an experienced runner, and it seems like the blogger of BFRU is…so I will take his word for it.  I don’t necessarily want to run barefoot per se…but in a minimalist shoe for sure.  Although, a transition to those shoes it highly recommended by Healthy Tipping Point’s Caitlin, you can read about her transition to the Vibram’s here.
Shoe choices
I will admit that the Vibram’s look odd…and feel odd.  I tried them on at REI once…and they felt strange.  I think now though, that I had on the wrong size because they were very, very tight.  I like the look of the Komodo Sport version, because of it’s bright colors, and also the Speed– I love the vintage look!  And I think that the laces may be a bit more comfortable that the velcro on the Komodo Sport.  Most styles average $100.  I think that I may have to give them another go…

I love the look of the New Balance Minimis for women.  they have so many options now since the release of the shoe in March of this year.  They now offer a Trail Runner, Cross Trainer, and fitness walking shoe.  All for around $100.  These can also be worn with or without socks.  And I hate socks…so this makes me happy.

I have also read other review of minimalist running shoes, but they all seem to be trail running, not road running shoes.  And I am not yet up to trail running- so I think I will stick with the road running shoes at this point.

Have you tried minimalist running shoes?  What do you think of barefoot running?


3 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday- Getting back on the training wagon after injury, and barefoot running”

  1. The Vibrams work very well if you are willing to go slow and listen to your body when you have aches. Follow the advice of the barefoot university and if you don’t want to wear the shoes with ‘toes’ the other pair you showed looks like a supportive shoe. Merrell has a pace glove that has the same sole as the vibram 5 fingers and you wear them without socks as well. I have them and love them. I only wear shoes because my feet are always cold but need to run barefoot style so my knees are pain free because with correct form there is no heel striking. I hope this is helpful!

    1. Thanks! I did end up getting the pace gloves, but they were too big. I would be interested in diving into the barefoot/minimalist running again once I have a bit more running experience under my belt! Thanks for the info!!

  2. The best way to learn barefoot running is without shoes. Many of the minimalist shoes hinder how your foot should work and will cause far more harm then help. I bought the NB MT20 before I knew better and paid the price.

    Running barefoot will teach you how YOUR feet works and what type of shoe would be best for YOUR feet. Once you’ve spent some time running barefoot, it’s far easier to find the correct shoe to keep you injury free.

    I personally like the NB730, although it looks like they will be discontinuing it. It’s got good cushioning, but is very light and flexible. Merrill makes some nice shoes but they run large so don’t buy them online. I’ve got the Trail Glove. The new Sketcher line is supposed to be great for barefoot runners, but I haven’t seen them in person.

    Happy running!

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