Motivation Monday- Update on Mom, new shoes! and 5 for the Y 5k

So it’s Monday again!  Yay…?

Update on Mom

Mom’s surgery went well.   The surgery was a success.  She was in a lot of pain Thursday prior to the surgery, but now that the tumor is out- she is doing much better.  She got an epidural before the surgery, so she is not in any pain.  She is in great spirits, and has a wonderfully positive attitude.

The did not have to remove the entire upper lobe of her lung, which is good news.  They did remove the lower portion of her top lobe, and the upper portion of her bottom lobe.  The tumor was the size of a grapefruit when all was said and done.  3 weeks ago it was about the size of a lemon. Yikes.

They also had to remove portions of her 4th, 5th, and 6th ribs and were able to reconstruct that with Gortex mesh; as the tumor had invaded her chest wall.

We do not know if they will do Chemo, they want to do some test on her, and I am assuming the tumor prior to ordering chemo.

And she got to go home yesterday!  She was already up and walking around on Friday!

New Shoes!!

So I have been dying to try this barefoot/ minimalist running thing and FINALLY got the shoes.  Not the ones I ahve really wanted; but this is not the last pair of shoes that I will ever buy.  I got the Merrell Pace Glove at REI…for a STEAL.

They are super comfy, and wonderful to run in (check out the 5k recap below).  They are a tiny bit too big, at a 7  I would be more confy in a 6.5- but this is totally ok because my feet swelled up like balloons!

A little info about the new Merrell Pace Glove:

Best Trail Running Shoe: Shape Magazine, 2011 Shoe Guide

Designed specifically for women, less is definitely more when exploring with our Vibram®-soled Pace Glove natural adventure shoe. All the protection your feet need from rocks and roots, and an ultra-lightweight upper with a synthetic leather foot sling for stability fits like a glove.

• Microfiber and breathable air mesh upper
• Merrell Omni-Fit™ lacing system secured with welded TPU provides a precise, glove-like fit
• Fused rubber toe bumper provides ultimate durability
• Synthetic leather rear foot sling provides stability
• Non-removable microfiber footbed treated with Aegis® antimicrobial solution resists odor

• 4mm compression molded EVA midsole cushions
• 1mm forefoot shock absorption plate maintains forefoot flexibility and protects the foot by distributing pressure
• 0mm ball to heel drop keeps you connected to your terrain
• Wash as needed in cold water, gentle cycle and air dry
• Vegan friendly footwear
• Vibram® Trail Glove Sole/ Rubber Compound TC-1
• Women’s Weight: 4.7 ozs / 133.3 gm (1/2 pair)

So far, I like them.  We will see in another month or two…

5 for the Y 5k!


So last Wednesday I decided that I needed a little “win” so to speak.  So I decided to do a little 5k this past weekend.  It was hoooot.  As in H-O-T.  I think I have too high of expectations for races…there was hardly anyone there!  There were supposed to have all of these sponsers….but the parking lot was really empty.  There was serious confusion as to what direction we were running….and so no one lined up until 5 minutes after the start time.  They didn’t post the course  directions anywhere, and the road was never closed.  So we had to contend with cars, and heat…and no cups at the water stop.  But in the defense of the 5 for the Y race organizers…it is only the 2nd year that they have done it.  So I will cut em some slack.  It was very fun.

I started out good in my new Pace Gloves.  It felt good to feel the road under my feet.  But soon the heat got to me, and I was walking.  I felt like I was crawling.  The sun was beating down and there was very little shade.  About a mile in I was dying for water…but foolishly did not bring my belt with me, or any water. (yes, dumb)  The water stop was at the half-way mark, and by the time I got there, they had run out of cups…eh?  There were only like 50 runners…how did they run OUT of cups??!!  So I drank from the cooler fountain style and then tried to soak my face and head to cool off becuase I was waaaaaay too hot.  And slightly behind where I wanted to be time-wise.  As I turned around to head back to the finish I remembered that the way to the finish included a little big hill.  So- I tried to run the what little shade there was, and tried to run as slowly as possible to conserve my energy for that hill…because I knew it was going to be hard.  But all in all I finished just a few minutes after my goal at 50 minutes and 38 seconds, rounding out to a 16:04 mile pace.  A PR!  I know it’s not much to some more experienced runners- but seeing as how I started the training season in February at a 23 minute mile- I am really proud of a 16 Minute mile after recovering from a few injuries, and in 85 degree heat.  My half Marathon pace was 19:20…same weather.


Oh and p.s.!!  I finally got the bike out last weekend!

Rode about 4.5 miles…on low tires 😦 oops.  And I did confirm that a tune-up is very necessary.


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