Pinterest, a new obsession

I recently discovered this new and ahh-mazing site.  Pinterest.  It’s a virtual bulletin board…and it rawks.  I have found so many new blogs, and so many new design inspirations…I am so antsy to get started making them.  But first we need to get through the move…to a huge 2 bedroom equipt with a space just for k@tastrophy!  I go get the keys on Monday…so stay tuned for before and after pictures. 

 I plan on turning the closet in the second bedroom into a design space, and storage space for all of the inventory that I will be able to make once we are settled.  Sort of like this:

Check out iheartorganizing for the deets.

Then I can just close the door (or cutain, depending on the door situation) and come back to whatever project I am working on later.

One of the first projects on the “To do list” is to make a body form.  I found a great tutorial on youtube from Threadbanger.  They actually feature TWO ways to make a body form.  One is really easy, and requires just a few supplies.  The other is a bit more complex, and I actually prefer that one, since it looks like it could take more abuse from fitting clothes.  I just have to talk The Amazing Jeff into helping me make it…don’t think that will be an issue 🙂


What new, fun DIY project are you excited about this week?  What are you d.i.y-ing to try?


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