Room to move- Motivation Monday

Hello bloggosphere!!  Long time no blog…


Finally… we have completed the bulk of the move.  Most everything is in place.  There is just some major cleaning that needs to take place at the old apartment.  It has been an exhausting adventure,  but this new place is Ah-mazing.

Big, beautiful kitchen!

Tons of closet space!

And finally, outdoor living space!

I am very excited to get this place in order, and decorated the way I want.

And I now have tons of time to do that…as last week I found myself unemployed for the first time in my adult life.  I gotta say- I am pretty darn excited about it.  I have time to get my buisness K@tastrophy Designs, under way, blog, train, and just generally take some time for me.  Plus, I get to be a Stay-at-home girlfriend for a while.  And that is kinda nice.  I sure hope that cabin fever, or boredum does not kick in too soon.

Last week was also the kickoff for the new winter 2011-2012 season for Team in Training!  I am mentoring this season, and I could not be more excited!  We had our first training session this past Saturday, and sadly this season’s marathon team is small.  But TNT here in MN has a ski event for the first time and people were very excited about that.  So after taking the summer off from training- my first 3 miles was a bit painful.  It can only get better from here!

Have you ever unexpectedly found yourself sans job?  How did you make ends meet?  Learn any tips, tricks or have advice to share?


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