Feta makes everything betta

Over the last few months I have come to love feta.  It has that bitter taste that I love.  Beer, wine, cheese…all best bitter.  So, I have started adding it to, well, pretty much everything.  With that, I got creative adding other things to my dinners to spice it up and add some value to my meals.  Feta is on the pricey side- but one tub can last a few weeks, so it ends up costing about a dollar or so a week depending on the brand that I buy.

One of my favorite dinners right now are the bag dinners from Bertoli.  Not only are they are cheap dinner, but they are a good base for a bigger meal.  The bags state that it’s dinner for 2; but I have to add extra veggies or pasta for both Jeff and I to feel satisfied.

Bertoli has a line of Mediterranean dinners that I love.  They are packed full of veggies,  and the sauces are amazing.

In the mix:

Bertoli Chicken, Rigatoni, and Broccoli

Extra pasta, I didn’t have rigatoni, so I added some extra penne


Red onion


Fresh baby spinach

Cherry tomatoes

Just follow the cooking directions on the bag; and add the zucchini and red onion when the bag dinner is mostly thawed.  In a separate pot boil extra pasta if you need to stretch out the meal.  Add the cooked pasta to the bag dinner, serve on a bed of the fresh spinach, and top with feta.   Keep in mind that you can use this bag dinner as a base, add extra veggies, other than above (eggplant, peppers, carrots) and freeze leftovers for later use.  So for under $12 you can have at minimum 4 servings.  Given that we are now on the tightest of budgets these bag dinners will become a staple on the grocery list!  And now Bertoli has soup!!  I am excited about that with winter rapidly approaching a nice hearty dinner of soup and a sandwitch will fit the bill nicely.

Now that I am a stay-at-home girlfriend (SAHGF) I have tons of time to plan meals, and find ways to save us money.  Obviously coupons are the biggest way to save money on the things that we need; but with a tiny budget, it not only means coupon clipping, but it also means cutting out the unnecessary.  Do we need the $3.99 bag of chips from the grocery store?  No, not when I can get tortilla chips from the Dollar Tree.  Why should we spend $4.00 on Scope mouthwash, when we can get mouthwash at, again, the Dollar Tree.  All of those little dollars that we save adds up!  Last month we started buying things like chips, sandwitch bags, mouthwash, toilet paper, and dishwasher detergent at the Dollar Tree and saved close to $50 over the month.  Over the course of the year we have found a way to save a lot of money.  This being unemployed thing will be a lesson in frugality, serious frugality.  And a challenge.  But I am so up for this.

What are your money saving tips?  Have you found a way to eliminate the unnecessary items from you shopping list?


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