Wine, calzones and good news!

Yesterday morning I got great news!  I can now relax a little bit knowing that there will be some money coming in to pay bills.  Whew.  And I have cut some of my monthly expenses by not working, and by switching to a phone without a dataplan.  I hate the phone with a passion…but it gets the job done.

Last night after work The Amazing Jeff took his test for his blue belt in Jujitsu…and he passed!  So we celebrated with wine and homemade calzones!

How to make these yummy calzones:

Get a ready made pizza crust, unless you want to make from scratch.  I got the Pilsbury thick crust.  Follow the baking instructions on the package for these.  If you want to make one big one, don’t cut in half.  But we wanted different toppings.  On the top is canadian bacon and pineapple, on the bottom pepperoni.  Next cut 1/2 strips on each side of the toppings, and then fold over the toppings to make a fun lattice pattern.

Bake at 425 degrees for 13-17 minutes…then enjoy!  But remember to let them cool off because they will be HOT.

I am interested to try these with things other than pizza toppings.  Like mashed potatoes, beef and corn/peas like a shepards pie.  I will have to experiment and let you know what I come up with!

Have a great Wednesday!


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