30 Day Shred Day 3…owie

Pain.  Much pain.

I think today was the worst.  I am very sore, and that makes some of the movements rather difficult.  I really, really did not want to do today’s workout.  Not one bit.  But I completed the entire 30 minutes, only pausing a few times to catch my breath.  But this is seriously hard.  I know it will pay off, but you gotta push through the pain.  And I am pushing!

I have to say, the cardio is getting easier, but things like the jump rope…I just cannot do.  1. because I live in an apartment, and 2. because it is too hard on my knee and IT band.  So I have modified it a bit.  I still swing my arms, and sort of jog in place for that.  Hopefully in a few weeks I can do that full movement.

This sucks, but I am not giving up.  It hurts during the 30 minutes I am moving, but after about an hour or so my body is full of this energy, and it feels awesome.  That is when I am glad that I am doing this.  That is the moment when I am proud to be doing something for me.

I watched the level 2, just to ya know…see what was next. And holy crap.  At first I thought it looked easier…but then Jillian started to do these crazy moves.  I thought my body needed a challenge, and it will certainly get one with level 2!  But that is next month.  I have decided that each level is to be 30 days.  That is the plan anyway.  Next week I will be getting the key to the gym in my apartment building where I can do some more cardio on the dreadmill, er…treadmill and eliptical.

Time for some fuel, a few chores and then hit the shower before The Amazing Jeff gets home!  I am leaning towards Chicken Marsala for dinner tonight.  Homemade even!

Have you started a weight loss journey recently?  How is it going?  What keeps you motivated to stick with it every day?


2 thoughts on “30 Day Shred Day 3…owie”

  1. Hi there!
    Good luck on your weight loss journey. I am sure that as long as you have the determination and willpower to stay focused, you will achieve some amazing results!
    I started my weight loss journey about a month ago and so far no slips or whatsoever. I have a dress that I will not wear until I am on my goal weight. It is the perfect dress, so that really motivates me 😉
    Best wishes to you,


    1. Thanks NavyStar! Congrats on starting your journey! A great outfit is always a nice reward! 🙂 Thanks for the support, and good luck on your journey, I can’t wait to hear more about it.

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