No more black and white…

Part of this journey…a huge part is food.  Nutrition.  Well, proper nutrition.  I have to take a serious look at what I am putting into my body.  I eat way too much crap. And that must stop. 

This is from a great website called fitday.  You can enter your goals, and track your exercise, food…everything.  The above is just from breakfast…green tea, and toast w/ peanut butter.  Ugh- yuck.  The green tea is great, but if I am going to eat toast, it cannot be that toast, and it cannot be that peanut butter.  I know that I will make up for it during lunch, being that smoothies have been my lunch of choice lately, and I still have to work out today.

So, no more black and white.  No more dark meat, and no more refined sugar.  (White bread, ricce, pasta).  I really should cut the dairy too, but I love cheese too much to do that.  I just need to eat less of it.  Having the smoothies has been a great way if getting color into my diet, and that is a trend I will continue doing!

Well, I gotta a dress to make!

Happy Thursday!

Do you use any kind of calorie tracker?  Do you keep a food journal?


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