Food for thought

Do you know what’s in your fridge?

I do.

I wanna talk food today, because food is such a big part of a healthy lifestyle.  You need to have a gameplan when going to the grocery store.  This is essential.  Otherwise you run the risk of wandering aimlessly, filling your cart with crap. 

Make a list, and stick to it.  I also plan all my meals before leaving the house.  That way I know exactly what I need, and what I don’t.  I filled my cart with fresh, whole, actual food.  Well, that is not entirely true.

There is some stuff in there specifically for The Amazing Jeff.  He eats the frozen boxes of crap, candy and stuff I just cannot do right now.  But I did get alllllll of this:

Tons of produce, lean meat, salad, almond milk, frozen berries, Wholey Guacamole!, whole grain Cheerios (so yummy), black beans, shredded cheese…and more.  For less than $100, I can eat well- and healthy this week, and into next.  Sadly, I did not get everything on my list.  And that is because I am picky.

I have a bone to pick with Target.  I am really disappointed in their produce selection…dude, moldy produce is not cool.

Rotten, strawberries.  Every single container.  Rotting.  So I bought frozen, which will do.

Generally the selection is wonderful…but sometimes it’s half rotten.

I understand that they are “new” to the “grocery thing”…but it doesn’t take a pro to figure out that rotten food and empty shelves are not good.  Hopefully it will get better…or perhaps Cub or Rainbow will lower their prices and we can afford to shop at an actual grocery store again.  We have learned that Target is cheaper, for most everything.  But it seems that they have hiked up prices of somethings again.  Boo.

In order to keep my cart, and kitchen stocked with real food I have come up with a list of “rules”, well more like guidelines for myself to stick to when shopping.

Please keep in mind that I am not a registered diatician, or nutritionist- this should just be common sense stuff.

1. Make a meal plan.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner…snacks, all of it.  That way I know exactly what I will be eating for the day.  I am hoping that this curbs the mindless eating and going hours without eating because I am not sure what I want.

2. Make a list, and stick to it.  No wandering around looking for junk.

3. Color=good.  If your plate is full of neutrals…you’re not eating a balanced, and healthy meal.

4. If it comes in a box, it should stay there.  EXCEPTIONS: Cereal, grains…be smart about it.  Read the labels, read the ingredient list.  If you can’t pronounce it, you probably should not be eating it.   Just say no to processed foods.  🙂

5. If 50% of your plate should be produce (fruits & veggies), 30% protein, and 20% startch/grain; then so should your cart.  If not – rethink your list and make some adjustments.

Well…time to go make friends with the eliptical in the gym.

What are your food staples?  Do you use guidelines when making your mealplans, or shopping lists?


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