30 things to do in my 30th year

I am trying to embrace turning 30 next month, and so to make sure that I have fun next year I am writing down some fun, wild and crazy things to do…ya know to keep life interesting. These are not in any particular order. 🙂 Please feel free to leave suggestions! I want your ideas!

1. Get another tattoo

2. Do a Du

3. Try a Tri

4. Lose 50 pounds

5. Visit a new state

6. Go skydiving

7. Learn a new skill

8. Run 300 miles (over the course of the entire year…not all at once!)

9. Swim in the ocean

10. Get a passport

11. Make a new friend

12. Fix something that’s broken

13. Take a roadtrip to Vegas

14. Inspire someone to make a big change in their life

15. Have 100 subscribers to my blogs (www.runs4wine.wordpress.com & http://www.katastrophydesign.wordpress.com)

















2 thoughts on “30 things to do in my 30th year”

  1. I have one solution to work towards 5 of your items….Ragnar Relay! http://ragnarrelay.com/
    You will run anywhere from 9-20 miles depending on the course and leg you choose over a 36 hour period with a team of 12 (1 could be a new friend!!) in any one of 15 locations (including Vegas!) It’s a great time. I’m actually traveling for my first out of state Ragnar in Florida in January and will only know 1 person on my team. If you choose this one for next year, you could also swim in the ocean on your trip 🙂

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