Hello 2012: today is time for change

Wow, 2012 already?

So I am trying something new today…I recorded a video blog!  I know almost everyone makes resolutions in January; but for me this is different.  Not sure if it’s because I just turned 30, or there are things that I want out of life that I cannot get where I am right now.

Today is time for change.  It’s time to stop making excuses, time to stop beating myself up mentally, and start beating myself up physically.  It’s time to take responsibility for what I have done to myself over the last 6 years.  It’s time for something new.  Time to stop dreaming about the body and life that I want and it’s time to make it happen.  It’s time to make time…for me. 

So take a look at the video blog…and get ready for a new me in 2012!!!



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