Here we go!

Speaking of go…I realized this week that it is time to let go.  Time to let go of fears, to let go of excuses.

Yesterday started out on a good note

Berry good Quinoa:

1/8 cup uncooked multigrain Quinoa (I could have done 1/4 cup as well)

1 cup berries

1/2 cup Vanilla greek yogurt

1 tsp maple syrup, or agave

In a small sauce pan, boil 1 cup water, add quinoa.  Boil over medium for 8-10 minutes, strain.  Add Quinoa and maple syrup to bowl, stir.  Add berries and yogurt…enjoy!

I think next time I might add 1/8 cup of steel-cut oats too…mmmm.


While grocery shopping I stopped in the “fitness” isle at Target and who should I see on one box…my two favorite ass kickers!!

GSP and Jillian…I kinda want.  But at $130 bucks…nothankyou.

So I settled for the new Self with JM on the cover.  I need to surround myself with constant reminders of why I need to keep at it.  Never quit.  As I was paging through the article…I see this amazing quote and I had to snap it and share:

How did she know that I want to look hot on my anniversary…in a bikini!?!?  It was one of those “aha” moments.  So yesterday afternoon…I got in not one, but TWO workouts!!

Bike for 30 mins with the 5lb hand weights (bicep curls, punches, holding the weights over my head…one minute on, one minute off.  Wooo)

And a killer new Jillian Michaels DVD

I only lasted 20 minutes in this DVD…and the level one is 30 minutes.  My goal by the end of next week is to just finish the level one.  I felt so awesome after…smelly, but awesome.  So awesome in fact, that I was jazzed aaalllll night.  Well, at least I know that working out gives me tons of energy.  Perhaps I should move that work out up a few hours so that I can get more done before the workout!   >.<

I have been wanting to join a gym for a while.  I am not a fan of the one on the complex, and there are few affordable options for someone of my… ahem, financial stature… so I decided that I would give donating plasma a second chance.  It’s an extra $200 plus a month…more than enough for a membership at a great club.  I am torn however between Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness and Snap Fitness.  I want classes, the pool…and the spa!  And that is only available at Lifetime.  But Planet Fitness is SUPER cheap right now.  And that might win out for me.  I have until tomorrow to decide if planet fitness is the one for me.  But there are only 2 clubs in the Metro and they are both kinda far away.  Oh what to do…

When I came home from Biolife I made a quick yummy lunch


Veggie Tacos 

2-3 Romaine lettuce leaves

1/4-1/2 cup black beans

3 tbs of salsa

1/8 cup shredded cheese

1/2 cup Veggie crumbles (optional)

Drain and rinse black beans.  Heat veggie crumbles in microwave with a dash of taco mix and a tbs or two of water, for about 45 seconds.  Layer crumbles, black beans, salsa and cheese onto the leaves.  Enjoy!

I made three, and then ended up being satisfied with 2.

Then it was time for a workout… the bike…in bright purple pants!

But now I need to shower so that I can go to Triva night at The Chic (Old Chicago) with The Amazing Jeff and some friends!!


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