It’s getting serious in here!

This is the week of action…and I have put my body through more this week than I have on a loooong time.  And It feels so good!!  Today was the final workout day for the week…that means tomorrow is REST day!  Thank goodness!  Now, I know me and I know that I have wanted to quit all week.  Not pick it up again the next day.  I have just wanted to be done.  So in an effort to keep myself on my game, I made a few motivational items, and strategicly planted little notes for myself to keep me motivated, and on track.

First up- workout shirts!

Then the planner…I have a motivational quote of the week for the rest of this month

Plus a little note to myself to boost my confidence, and keep me going.  I need to be my own biggest cheerleader…

Yesterday’s workoutS (yup that’s plural) were amazing.  I kicked my own butt yesterday.  And I did that because I didn’t want to workout yesterday…at all.  So as punishment for wanting to quit, I hit it much harder than I did all week.  And in doing so I incinerated about a THOUSAND calories.  30 minutes on the bike with the 5lb hand weights.  I go one minute on, one to two minutes off alternating between punches, chest flys, bicep curls and holding the weights straight over my head.  It is a total arm workout and I love it.  Then I did 35 minutes of Jillian Michael’s 6 week 6 pack.  OY VAY.  That was rough.  I laid on the floor for quite a bit of the time, because…well…some of those moves I cannot do.  I did try, I swear.  Soon I will conquor that DVD too.

But I still felt crazy body proud yesterday afterward

This morning I went to my new gym, Planet Fitness for the first time.  It is a nice set up, and the staff seems really friendly.  But I remember the attitudes of fitness center staff…cause I used ta be one.  I worked at Bally Total Fitness for a few years in college.  I loved working there.  I was surrounded by fit, healthy and determined people all the time.  And in turn I got small…very small.  The member makeup seems to be mostly older…senior citizens, and retirees.  Which makes the environment that much better, because old people are awesome 🙂  I managed to get in an hour of cardio before I felt the dip in the energy level.  30 minutes on the eliptical, and 30 minutes on the bike!   #bikestreak day 6!  I can’t want to go back on Monday!!

So far the training schedule seems to need to follow a trend, because Tuesdays and Thursdays are the plasma donation days…and I would much rather be at home for those workouts.

Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Home (bike & DVDs)
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Home (bike & DVDs)
Friday: Gym
Saturday: REST
Sunday: Home (bike & DVDs)

I think only having one rest day is going to suck after a while, so I may tweak that in a few weeks.  But for the rest of this month, that is the schedule.  I have so much more energy this week… but I won’t lie- I am soooo looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!!!

But first…Bicycle Theory‘s cocktail party tonight with The Amazing Jeff!

What are you doing this weekend?  Taking a rest, or starting that workout?


2 thoughts on “It’s getting serious in here!”

    1. Oh thanks!! I had fun making them. 🙂 People look at me funny in the gym…but I don’t care! I am also getting a few new images together to make some magnets for the fridge…to keep me honest! 😀 Thanks for stopping by!!

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