Thank you Justin Timberlake

So….I am SUPER excited because, if you’ll notice the new “My Fitness Pal” widget to the right….I have lost 2 pounds!  I am blown away.  I really thought that it would take a few more weeks, honestly.  2 pounds is not huge, but it’s a start!!

Yesterday was my light-bulb day.  I had an awesome day with my eating and my exercise.  Oh p.s. I obviously joined My Fitness Pal.

Yep, I had an extra 1000 calories at the end of the day.  Boom.  If every day were like yesterday… I’d weigh 136.4 lbs in 5 weeks.  That is awesome!  I did not feel deprived, I had a very filling breakfast, good snacks, and healthy lunch and dinner.  Plus I killed my workout.  It was a good day.

But the workout did not start out awesome.  My legs are still really stiff.  No matter how much I stretch, they are a bit sore.  But last night I busted out the Stick, and that helped immensely.  I hit the gym yesterday morning not sure if I was going to be able to do the full hour I had planned.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, doing intervals.  I let my ipod determine the intervals…just, ya know, for fun.   And a dreaded 30 minutes on the bike that I can’t keep my butt on.  The bike was the worst.  It’s just not made for shorties.  I got on the bike, and was pretty sure that I couldn’t take more than 10 minutes.  Because I pedal for 3 minutes, stop, re-adjust, pedal for 3 minutes, re-adjust…on so on.  Because…muh butt sweats and I slip.  But I kept telling myself “5 more minutes, just 5 more minutes”.  So at 20 minutes Justin…oh Justin…  he was singing right to me…asking me to stay so he could rock my body:

And rock my body he did.  I was able to blast through another 10 minutes, and then called it good.  I actually made it through my hour, and then some later at home with my 30 Day Shred…day 9.  Wow.  It was really hard, my legs are so sore.  But I can motor through.  Day 8 was much harder, I was in pain all day and the shred was killer.  But today I feel so much better!  I am looking forward to today’s workouts.
Yesterday when I went grocery shopping, Target had Blood Oranges!!  I love Blood Oranges!!  They just have a bit if a different taste to them, and such a beautiful color!
Yesterday I also took a leap…and became a Pure Romance Consultant!  I am very excited.  If you want to know more about it, please click on the link and you will be directed to my website (Because this blog is rated G, I will not go into detail about the items, or the products, but you are welcome to email me at to learn more) where you can learn more about PR, the products, and even purchase items online…maybe for Valentine’s Day perhaps?  🙂
Have you had your light-bulb, Ah-HA moment yet?  What made it “click” for you?

2 thoughts on “Thank you Justin Timberlake”

    1. Thanks!! The bike we have at home is fine, but the one at the gym doesn;t let me move the seat low enough! 😦 I actually LOVE the bike. Much more so than running! 😀

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