30 Day Shred Day 10: level up!

Yesterday I finally moved on the level 2!  And…it is so much easier than level 1.  Plus, I think my 10 Day Plank Challenge is helping.  I did all of the plank parts, AND did real, for real push-ups…yeah on my toes, not my knees.  Go me.

I have had a tremendous breakthrough this week.  I am so excited to work out everyday, I suddenly get the eating thing, and can actually see the hard work paying off.  It is noticeable how much flatter my tummy is, my waist is getting narrower…this is just the beginning!

I did have a little binge last night at midnight.  I was hungry, but I chose pasta and sauce…deciding that I would count it as today’s calories….eek.  That was HALF of my calories for the day.  Krysty will be eating light today

Ah well…tomorrow is a gym day!  Have a great rest day if that your plan!


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