Playing catch-up!

Wow…so I have been a bad blogger.  It’s kind of  agood thing though!  I have been so busy working out, and meal planning that I have not had a chance to blog about any of it!  So Let’s go back to the weekend shall we?

After my Level Up on Saturday…it was Spa Day!  And I enjoyed every minute of it!

I have decided that purple is my “Power Color”.

I LOVE these Salon Effects from Sally Hansen!  I had never bought them before, but I did because they were on clearance at Ulta.  Super easy to use, only a few chips thus far.  But that is not suprising for me.  It took about half the time as a regular mani, and no waiting for it to dry!

Finished the pedi and called it a day.  It was nice to spoil myself a little bit.  I think I may need to make it a weekly thing!

Oh!  I gotta share my new favorite breakfast!!

Fiber cereal (from the Dollar Store y’all!!), half a container of Chobani vanilla yogurt and pomegranate seeds.  Nom nom nom.  Super filling, good protein, nice amount of crunch, cuz I love me some crunch!  And the pom seeds are so yummy!

I also achieved a new PR last week in my miles…61!  Boom!  How did that happen?  Pure insanity.  That’s how.  So I am shooting for 70 this week.  And I am well on my way with 48 miles.  I logged 204 miles in January…damn!  I didn’t even log 300 miles in all of last year…and I trained for a half marathon!!

Last week, I took the plunge and decided to be my own boss and become a Pure Romance Consultant.  And I am super excited!  My kit arrived this week and I just loved the little note that the distribution team wrote on the inside of the box.

Makes me feel like part of the team!

Oh…I caught Cecila Facebooking this morning.  And she was pissed that I interrupted her.


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