UFC Trainer for Kinnect & Luna Protein Bar Review

Ok, so again.  Bad blogger here.

I figured it would take a week or two of totally digging into this exercise and diet thing.  And it has.  I really feel like I have a much better handle on this now that I have jumped into it with both feet.  I think the problem over the last year is that I just had my toes in the water…in the kiddie pool.  But Now I think I am swimming with the big kids, with no floaties!

The Amazing Jeff and I got a Kinnect for X-mas, so I got him this awesome UFC Trainer game for it.  I thought it would be an awesome gift because we love the UFC, and TAJ goes to Jujitsu for his buffness, and now that it is tax season he can’t always get there when he wants to, so this way he can train, or at the very least get a workout in.

It’s actually a good workout!  There are actual UFC fighters (animated of course) that you can train with/ have coach you.  Plus there are different activities like, freestyle…where you can go to town on a bodybag…for 5 minutes.  WOW…yeah don’t start with that one!  Overall I am pretty glad that we have it.  TAJ has not tried it out yet, but I am hoping maybe we can try it together this weekend!

Alright…these Luna bars…

Holy crap folks.  It is a candy bar disguised as a protein bar.  Fer real.  One bite and I was in heaven.  I love, love, love Luna bars anyway.  But these protein bars have seriously outdone it.  Getting more tomorrow!!!!!!  They are a bit smaller than the regular bars, but that is totally ok!

Have I mentioned yet that I am totally into sweet potatoes right now?

Yummy.  Sweet potato with a bit of cinnamon…perfect.  This is one of my favorite lunches these days.  Cottage cheese with a dash of lemon pepper, sweet potato and a dash of cinnamon and Starkist Tuna…they have flavors.  Love the Lemon Pepper and the  Herb & Garlic.  I have eaten tuna for lunch almost everyday for a week.  Slowly working into fresher fish.  I am not a big fish eater…but I want to be because it’s so good for you!

Hope you all are having a fantastic day!  Big plans for Valentine’s Day anyone?


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