10 Things Tuesday

It’s been a rollercoaster week…well since last Tuesday.  And I have much to catch you all up on…

So let’s get started shall we?

1. I have lost over 8 pounds so far, and I am so close to that first reward!  I cannot wait.

2. I can actually eat Chipotle.  I ate a huge whole burrito on Saturday, and didn’t balloon out!  yay!

3. Valentine’s Day was wonderful!  Good-ish pasta (I wasn’t all that impressed with the dinner itself.  But the wine and desert were lovely.)

4. The Amazing Jeff and I are like twins…because he got me this:

Our initials!!  I had been wanting to do this forever, but couldn’t find both initials in the right metal and size!  He is the best ever.

5. I love salsa for breakfast

Egg whites, cheddar-jack cheese, mild salsa and Morningstar maple-flavored breakfast pattie.  Nom nom nom.

6. Rick Santorum is a moron, and I fear that if he is elected Women’s Rights will take a GIANT step backward…like about 60 years.  #AmericansagainstSantorum

7. I love my gym.  The people are so friendly, and the trainer is so sweet.

8. I am super proud of me.  I am my best motivation.

9. I could moonlight as a pastry chef

Dark chocolate Raspberry filled tarts…made em for Valentine’s Day and took them to TAJ’s work as a surprise for his awesome co-workers.  They were a hit!

10. I wore skinny jeans, and my favorite blazer on our Saturday date night.  Two articles of clothing that I have not been able to get into since the fall of 2010.  I was giddy.


What are some of your best highlights from last week?  Anything awesome happen?



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