Adventures in closet cleaning

Remember when I ended my last post with me going to clean out my closet to get rid of fat clothes?  Well, I totally did…and in the process found a few items that fit me, that have not for almost 2 years.


My brown Ann Taylor suit.  It is actually a tiny bit big.  It was snug when I bought it for an interview.  And now it’s not.  Woot!

And these lovelies…my faaaavorite pants, trousers from The Gap.  And these my babies…are a size EIGHT.  Yeah that’s right…I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  Back into my size 8s, and I was jumping up and down for about an hour afterward!!  I love trying on my clothes and finding that they are smaller, looser and better looking not snuger, tighter and make me look like crap.



Love it.


Speaking of love…

Could my baby be any cuter?  She was purring like she had an outboard motor in her mouth.  She is too sweet, sort of a pain in the arse sometimes, but still sweet.

I am also excited because I do not have to cook tonight because it’s family taco night at TAJ’s work!  I love hanging with the FA family!  They are wonderful people and last year was a ton of fun!  Ole!!



2 thoughts on “Adventures in closet cleaning”

  1. I love when I fit in my old clothes!! Now, closet cleaning… erhhhh, that’s another story!! Thanks for posting Krysty. Just started my workout plan and am 11 lbs. down! 🙂

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