Motivation Monday: A new routine

After three weeks of tapering down I am ready to gear back up for my 2-a-days.  Actually not really that excited about it, but I will totally do them.  Oy.


A couple of weeks ago I made this training log and put all ofmy workouts in it.  It is pretty crazy to see how far I have come in my strenth training these last few weeks.  I have been killing it at the gym, and leave awfully smelly!

How cute is my cat?

She is giving me a back massage right there…

She just jumped up behind me and went to town kneeding my back and purring a storm.  It makes me feel special.

I am also pretty excited because I am down to 146 even.  That is almost 12 pounds gone!  G’bye fat, hello sexy!

Anyone running a St. Pat’s day race?


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