I heart sprinkles

Today is The Amazing Jeff’s birthday. His last birthday in his twenties.  But at least he is not old like me!!

So yesterday, with the help of the amazing receptionist, and a co-worker I was able to sneak into his office and do this





It was really fun.  And p.s. those Devil’s Food cake balls with sprinkles are BOMB.

I am so glad that I have the willpower that I do, because I was able to stop at one.  Otherwise I totally would have eaten the whole damn container.  So I settled for Funfetti pancakes this morning instead!!

I was able to indulge in 3 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon and my daily green tea for just under 300 calories.  Go me.

Aaanndd…I finally found “healthy” chips!!

I am a slave for sea salt and vinegar flavored anything.  And these lil babies are only 100 calories for a 18 chips!  That is A) more chips that I get in a serving of tortilla chips.  And B) guilt free.  I have been craving salt like no other this week, and after going all banana sundae on the tortilla chips last night I do not in any way feel guilty for running to these chips at Caribou this afternoon.

I am also super excited because we have a meeting with a mortgage broker this Saturday!!  Yup, we are taking the plunge and buying a house.  Specifically an investment property.  And yours truly will be running that show!  Well, managing the tenants anyway, and the bookeeping…and the upkeep.  Well, not all the upkeep since there are some things this girl cannot do.

Let the house hunting begin!!!


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