5 Things Friday

Happy Friday all!

It was a unseasonably warm day here in Minneapolis.  In the high 70s here today, and it will be close to 80 tomorrow.  Um, yeah it’s March.  Hello Spring!!

1. I love to run.  “Well, duh…you’re blog is called ‘Will Run For Wine’…?”.  But no seriously…I actually enjoy it now.  I am not sure what happened…but I am running a better mile than I did 14-15 YEARS ago.  I ran nearly a 5k this afternoon and took almost 15 minutes off of my last 5k.  I ran a tons, only stopping a few times to catch my breath…I really didn’t walk much at all.

2. Operation The Amazing Jeff’s 29th Birthday was a success.

Complete with Pomegranate Mojito, awesome food…and time together!  It’s tax season, so we don’t get to spend dinner together much anymore…one more month left!

3. I noticed wrinkles yesterday.  It’s officially begun.  I am 30, but I really look like a 14 year old.  Until now!  Perhaps I will stop getting carded buying beer at the liquor store now.

4. I think the name and timing of the release of Nike’s new trainer could not possibly be more offensive.  They are the new “Black & Tan”…and right before St. Patrick’s Day too… really?!  Google Black & Tan. (Yes it’s a “beer”.  Don’t ever order it in Ireland though…but it is also the name of the very violent military group sent to Ireland to control them…and they were not nice)

5. I tried Gu Chomps today for the first time.  Stay tuned for a review next week.  I wanna give em another go before I say “Yay” or “Nay”.

Please everyone have a safe, and smart St. Patrick’s Day!

Bain taithneamh as an deireadh seachtaine.  Éirinn go Brách.


2 thoughts on “5 Things Friday”

  1. Great Job with the run!!! As far as the wrinkles go, I use Face Naturals products and they help a LOT. 🙂 I think I have had what I think are called crows feet since I was like 19. at least that i noticed. (not sure if anyone else did) a couple weeks ago, some lady told me i look like i’m in my early 20s 😀 not sure if she was trying to make me feel better or what but I thought it was awesome 🙂

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