Happy Caturday!!

Me (me is Auska) and Celia are catnapping the blog today.  Our Mommy has been very busy workin out all the days long.  So we thoughts we’s halp her by writing a post for all of you all about us.

We like our puter time too, but the webz is gots no strings…we thoughts iz was strings to play wifs.

And to read the paper, that is our sister Boston…she lives with Mama and Papa and our cousin Shadow.  She hums a lot…not much talking.  Papa sez she forgots the words to her songz soz she humz em instead.

But mostly we likes to snuggle all the days long.

And jus hang out like kittehs do

Sometimes I gets in trouble…cuz I likes to eat the papers.  I likes the thins oneses like the ones that roll out of the wall, and the oneses in the box…they POP out ats me sometimes.  Me, Iz prrrrrty shy and Mommy calls my Ozzy, and she tellz me thats I sound like Blue from Blue’s Clue…and I don’t likes that none because that iz a dog, Ma!!!  I looked on the webz and the webz sez its a dog.  I sez “Meow, meow”…she sez “bark, bark”.  And I don’t talks all that much anyhowz.  Celia…she talks all the days!!  Mommy and Daddy say she’s “sassy”.  hehe.

I iz not sassy, I iz just high maintainence.  But I iz a giver too!!  See I iz giving Mommy a much needed massage…but she yalped at me cuz I gots the clawz and I was too sharp. 

Auska forgots to tell youz our favorite morning show!

All the mornings we watch the traffic channel.  And then once the carz iz done we can watch the birdy channel…that onez our favorite.  See I gots the clawz and I can play Spider Kitteh!!  I likes to climb the screen and pretend I am the Spider Kitteh, and thens I get the prrrrfect view of the birdz.  But Mommy yalps at me not to do that.

I luvz my Mommy so much.  I guess I iz a big baby…

uh oh!!  Momz comin…

Have a happy Caturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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