Happy Saturday: run updates & Gu Chomps review

So I see the “kittehs” blog-napped you all yesterday.  At least they are cute.

I have a confession to make: I love to run.  It makes me feel unstoppable.  Just me and the trail. 


Yes, yes it is.  I feel stong, and that makes me feel amazing and beautiful.  By the by…this shirt was is an XL, I only got it because I have spent the last 2 months looking for this shirt.  I didn’t really want the red…but it works.  So I made a few little alterations and now it is super cute!  I just made it more of a girly fit by taking some out of the sides, and then I sewed some elastic up the sides and made it a ruched tee!


I ran 4 miles this morning and didn’t stop to walk even once.  I didn’t even stop at my normal “water-stops” on the trail.  I just didn’t want to stop.  I just wanted to keep going!  And that’s because of these babies:


New kicks for a new me!  Well for a new Less-of-me me.  I am down 15 pounds, and I feel amazing!

A few weeks ago I got some Gu Chomps to try.


I got the orange and the blueberry pomegranate.  I have tried both and I gotta say…these could replace my gummy bears addiction while running!  They are good, and they help keep me going.  The only downside so far…they make me burp.  And the chomps they don’t taste so great coming back up.  But it’s not enough to make me stop using them.  So I am going to take my REI dividend and Gu get some more!

What makes you feel stong and/or beautiful today?


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