Progress update and photos!

I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of March!  Where has the time gone?

Time for some progress updates!  I am so excited!

Part/date 3/29/2012 Inches Lost Total lost
Right Arm 12 1 1
Left Arm 12 1 1
Bust Full 37 2 3
Bust Under 31 1 3.5
Waist 31.5 2 2.5
Hips 37.5 2 2.5
Right Thigh 20 1.5 5.5
Left Thigh 20.5 1 4
Right Calf 14 1.25 1
Left Calf 13.75 1 1.25
Pounds 141.4 9 16.4 

I am feeling pretty awesome about all of that green!

As of this morning, I am down 16.4 pounds.  I killed a pound yesterday!  That is sweet!  My goal jeans are hanging off of me…I think I am going to have to take them in!  It is awesome to know that in 13 weeks I have lost almost 17 pounds!  Putting it into numbers, really puts it into perspective.  That is a lot of change in just a short amount of time!  I am however, seeing areas that perhaps need more attention…like my arms.  Hmmm…I might have to see the advice of my good friend Abby.  That girl has a killer bod, and is on her way to competing in Miami this year in the 2012 Fitness Universe!  I know she can give me some good pointers!

Well, there is much to do today, so I better get on it!


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