11 Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge, err not. And PR!!

Yesterday afternoon I sat down to preview the video for this week’s Boot Camp Challenge, and was first off really disappointed in the video from the “Tone it up” girls.  Too fast, absolutely no explanation of supplies needed, or what the exercises were, although there is a 2 second text flash on the video with the name of the exercise.  And I realized I did not have all of the materials needed for this session…you will need a stability/yoga ball.

So I got one just a bit ago, and I can see it will take me a while to get it inflated, so the review of this sesh is postponed until tomorrow!

But I am happy to report…

Yup, that is a 11:32 min mile pace.  Boom.  That is another minute I just slashed off of my time.  I rock.

I am running a 5k in May, and I am shooting for a sub-30 time.  That means my pace needs to be under a 10 minute mile.  And on a long run, that is not a possibility, but if I can go balls-to-the-wall for 3.1 miles…then I can do it.  And I think today I could have pushed harder…but didn’t want to over do it, because of last week’s bad run.

I <3PR


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