11 Week Bikini Boot camp Challenge: Bikini Body Strength Training from ‘Tone it Up’

11 week bikini bootcamp

Week 2:

Bikini Body Strength Training from Tone it Up

FYI: You will need a workout ball, and a resistance band for this workout.  I highly recommend heading over to the website first and read through the moves, as the ladies give NO instruction during this video.  And if you are like me, I like having some kind of instruction, ya know…what’s coming next, that way I am not constantly staring or checking the screen for the next move only to find out that I should be halfway through the next move!

I will have to give it another go later in the week.

But right now I am enjoying my new favorite snack

A pitted Date, and Peanut butter.  Mmm.  Oh, and see those beautifully manicured nails…they still look amazing one week later!  I got them done on my spa day last week…love them.

I’m thinkin it’s dinner time…

Go to week 3


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