Wildcard Wednesday:You never know who you’ll meet in the shoe department!

So remember how I got my new kicks?

I love my Mizunos!  They are amazing!  They have helped me to take a full minute off my pace from just last week!

Well, today as I was wandering around the shoe department at Dick’s Sporting Goods, after already going to my favorite local running store and leaving empty-handed due to my tiny feet, I bumped into…wait for it…the Mizuno Rep!  Ahh!  How cool!  He asked me how I liked my shoes, and I told him how much I love them, and that I want another pair!  Just in a different color.  I gushed about my PR, and my tiny feet.  Thankfully the new model on its way is a new bright color!  I will have to keep my eyes out for them!

But since I have been wearing them so much, I am starting to feel the effects on my feet.  So I got these super cheap

The Reebok Real Flex.  In a girl’s size.  They have the basics of what I want in a running shoe: lightweight, streamlined sole, flexible, and cute!  They will go out for their first run tomorrow.  I am planning a 4-miler, so that should be a good enough distance to get a feel fir em.

And also these

Compression sleeves!  Ahh…I have been wanting sleeves for a long time, but just could not justify spending $40+ bucks…sometimes per sleeve!  These are from Adidas, and they were about $20 for the pair.  Score!  So now I can try to run in them, without the bulk of my compression socks.

I have been spending the last few days cookin a storm for The Amazing Jeff.  I cook, and he takes my yummy food to work and makes all of his co-workers jealous.

I love doing it, and he gets actual food instead of the frozen-boxes-o-crap that he used to eat.  So one day a week I make 3 dinners all at once so that he gets a variety for the week.  This week he got: meatloaf, stuffing and sweet potatoes, chicken, stuffing and sweet potatoes, meatloaf, stuffing and veggies w/ cheese, chicken, rigatoni and veggies, chicken florentine with cherry tomaotes…anyway…lots of food.

As promised, later today I will do and review this week’s boot camp for the 11 Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge…

Have you met anyone cool in the shoe department?


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