Happy Blogiversary to Will Run For Wine!

So yesterday was my 1 year blogiversary!  And I totally missed it.  Oops.  Haha.

I just got back from my 4-miler…and it was rough.  You can see more here.  But I still did it, I finished.  And under a 12 minute mile pace.  Not too shabby.  New shoes I tell ya.  They can throw me off sometimes.

But I do like these…I felt bouncy!

And it must be Video Thursday because I got another one for ya… This song always motivates me to push harder.  It makes me think about why I run, how far I’ve come from last year, it makes me think about the half marathon.  It makes me feel strong, even why I feel weak, and like I can’t do it.  It is reassurance that the little voice inside me that says “you can’t” is wrong.  That little voice can’t stop me.

Today was no exception…it actually brought me to tears.  Yup, I was that girl running and crying at the same time.  But only for a few seconds and the surge of power came over me to remind me that I am awesome.  🙂



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