Dear Tax Season

Dear Tax Season,

Hi there Tax Season, I am writing to inquire if I will ever see my wonderful boyfriend ever again?  I know, I know…you are almost done with him.  But these 60 hour work weeks are killing me.  And I know that they are worse for him.   I only see him for 5 minutes in the morning, and about 2 hours in the middle of the night; as he eats what dinner I prepared hours before. 

This is not my first Tax Season, I know that I have managed worse seasons in the past, like when I was recovering from my Endometrioma surgery.  But I am lonely, and tired of only having my cats to talk to.  It sucks when he says he’ll be home early, only to text me moments later telling me that it will be after 9 before he leaves.

I just miss my best friend, and our time together one day a week is not enough.  April 17th…please, please hurry.

Signed Sincerely,



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