Tunes Tuesday!

Ok, ok…normally I am strictly “Anti-pop”.  Only because I am a serious music snot.  I miss the amazing bands like The Beatles, Journey, REO, and legends like Cash, Elvis and Janis.  Why?  Um, well talent for one.  And they played their instruments.  They didn’t just have back-up singers, and a support band.  They were the band.  They influenced culture, and wrote their own music.  They were passionate, they worked hard for what they wanted…and well…their music is just better.  They had actual lyrics to their songs not just 3 phrases looped and synthesized beyond recognition….

But I digress.

This past Saturday One Direction, the newest in a long line of “made” Boy-Bands graced the SNL stage…and damnit if their music isn’t catchy.

I will admit it is great running music!!  I am old enough to be their mother…but I think, maybe, just perhaps, I sort of kind of like them.

Other tunes from my run this morning:

Yeah there is a lot of pop on there.  Yikes.


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