Thursday Randomness

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a better title than that… 🙂

What a busy day!  I ordered my iphone, went to see a house for sale…

It was clean, well cared for, and not full of food trash in the hallways, or the foul oder of too many people/animals in one small space.  Tons of the original woodwork, cabinents…seriously beautiful hardwood floors.  Sadly they are all one bedrooms, so that means we would be seriously downgrading space-wise.  Bummer, plus it’s out of our price range.  By a lot.  But the property has so much potential…

I also got a little mani today…I love, love, love the Gel Shallac manicures.  They are by far the best I have ever had.  I got the first one a few weeks back on my reward Spa Day.  I went with a darker purple this time, last time the color was “Purple, Purple”; this time “Rock Royality”…fitting given my Anti-pop post earlier this week!

If you want an anti-chip mani…this is the one for you.  They are a bit on the pricey side, but I hate chipped nail polish more than you know.  Besides it keeps me from eating bad stuff, rewarding myself with pretty things instead of foodie things.

But speaking of foodie things…

The Lean Green Bean
I just joined the coolest group, well…ever.  Head on over to Lindsay’s Blog The Lean Green Bean and find out more about getting in on the Foodie-train for next month!  I got my pal’s foodie stuffs today, and I am pretty excited for her to get her package!  While at Whole foods I saw…
Yes, that is  a BBQ flavored Potato Chip chocolate bar, and a Beef Jerky flavored chocolate bar.  Now, I will say for a moment, I considered getting the BBQ one for my pal, but they were too spendy to give as a joke 🙂  But I did get one for me, as a treat to share with The Amazing Jeff later next week to celebrate…


(said in my loudest boomiest commercial voice)
And I am anxiously awaiting my iphone…
Yes I am ridiculously excited.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Randomness”

  1. OK so I followed your blog from MFP and just wanted to stop by to say it is AMAZING! Was a runner at one time and just recently reigniting my passion for it. See you aroundd and keep up the great work!

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