The Perfectly Poached Egg…an experiment

Finally after years of ruined attempts at poaching an egg…

It was perfect.  Go me!  And I owe it all to Food52 …a great site/blog all about food!

This video is how the perfect poached egg came to be

Then I saw this little gem of an idea…

I love this idea!  And I cannot wait to try it out at my next family gathering!  We often have family over night and I love to cook for other people, hence the reason we hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners (and both were amazing if I do say so myself).  My oldest nephew Justin says that my eating my cooking “Makes me feel like I am floating on a cloud”.  What a sweetie 🙂

This yummy poached egg should provide ample energy for my run a bit later…5 miles folks…fingers crossed it goes well!


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