Busy, busy bees

Wow, what a crazy busy week!  I will keep this short and sweet because I am about to go have lunch with the ‘rents!!  Spent the afternoon with them…because they arrived just as I was starting this post! 🙂

So this week…lots of running, great eating…the end of tax season (YAY!)  Had a day off in the middle of the week with The Amazing Jeff, went to see a house, went to the Nike Women’s preview party…signed up to run the Nike Women’s Marathon…saw the ‘rents, saw the house again…and lost a few more pounds.  Woot.


So yes, busy, busy bees this week.  And next week will prove to be just as busy I am sure as I am headed back to Texas next month!

Do you sometimes get the feeling that the day just go too fast?  Do you feel like you need more hours in the day?


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