Wildcard Wednesday: travel. Fun or not?

So this week I am driving to Texas.  Again.


I am actually pretty excited about being with my bestie, her babies and some of the sweetest gals I know.  When I went last time I drove one way, and flew home.  And I barely was able to get everything in my suitcase.  And that suitcase is huge.  So I went a-scouring the interwebs for some tips on how to pack for a trip…in a carry-on.  Only because I will be traveling a few other times this year, and after the airline left my luggage behind once…I do not trust that they will not get lost again.

So…I found this article in the New York Times.  It details how a flight attendant packs for a 10 day trip, in a carry-on.  Which is great!  Except that she packs no underwear!  None.  Ah well, perhaps she goes commando?  But I don’t, and 10 pairs of roos, 4 bras, 4 pairs of socks and workout gear takes up space!

But, luckily I was able to manage it all!!

Texas…here I come!




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