On the road again…again…

That week went by fast!

Now I am headed back home, and although I am going to miss Texas, it will be really nice to sleep in my own bed, get back to my regular diet and exercise routine.  I love, love, love my niece and nephew.  I miss them so much when I am not with them.

This week is going to caaa-razy busy.  Meetings, Team in Training kick-off, plasma donations and I have a race this weekend!  So that means I am going to have to get in at least 3 runs this week…and I won’t be home until Tuesday morning!  So, to say this week is going to be insane is an understatement.  But it will be really great to get back to my normal routine which is crazy.

Hopefully next week I can go check out a Crossfit session and get a better feel for it.  But even if it’s intimidating, I think I have to go for it.  I need to step it up, and push myself harder than I have before.  Marathon training is about to start too, but I know I need to do more to see the changes in my body that I want to see.  I know Crossfit will be really, really challenging and downright scary sometimes…but I need and want that.

Are yo getting ready to challenge yourself, and push yourself harder?


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