Be The One Run- 5k race report

This morning was our first Team training for Fall 2012, and it is a big group!


And it was also the Be The One Run!  Just a little 5k around Lake Harriet…you know in the 80 degree heat.  But it was super fun!!

See, I told you it was a cute race outfit!  Have I mentioned that is a toddler tutu?  Yeah.  I felt strange wearing it.  But I did look cute!

Me and the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield “Do- Groove” guy!

I got to meet the “Do Groove” guy from the commercials!!  You know the “Let me see ya move somethin!”…lol… he is TALL!  Not sure why I am stooping down…

What a great course!  It was hilly, and beautiful.  But it was hot.  I did have to stop and walk.  A lot.  And that bums me out.  But, I did take a week off.  So that rough run was to be expected.  But I think I did great!  I ran, and I finished.  But the entire time I kept thinking that really hated running.  I was miserable, but I loved it.  Hated it, but loved it.

I finished with a smile on my face.  A sweaty, happy proud smile.

My finishing time: 38:57.  Better than the last one, since it was a DNF.  And the one before that was over 50 minutes.  So this is good.


5 thoughts on “Be The One Run- 5k race report”

  1. That must have been fun. I like your photos as well. Btw, don’t mind me asking this, but I like the effect you have on your photos. How do you get them? I don’t know how to get that vintage tint.. Thank you in advance..:)

    1. Oh thanks doll!! It was hot, and I have spent the rest of the day chillin in my compression sleeves on the sofa! Haha. I wish I could have stayed to see you! I didn’t have enough to eat, and pancakes were calling my name!

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