30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Day 15: A mess for lunch

What an amazing weekend!!

First, I ran 7 miles on Saturday with Team in Training; then I spent Sunday being the best Cheer Captain that I could be at the Minneapolis Marathon cheering on some of my best friends as they completed their 5 month-long journey across the finish line.

But let’s talk about that 7 miles right?  Right.  Earlier in the week I’d had an appointment with my trainer, and it was brutal.  I could barely life my arms to drive home after.  And getting out of bed on Friday morning involved rolling out onto the floor.  So when I went to bed that night I was pretty sure that I would probably only be able to do 3 miles comfortably.  4 might be pushing it.  But I went to get out of bed and had no issues.  Woo. 

 As I started out, I could hardly breathe.  “Just get to the 2.5 mile turn-around and you will be fine”…I kept telling myself that , over and over.  Amazingly when I got to the 2.5 mile turn-around I felt like I had one more mile in me.  So off I went for the 3 mile turn-around.  Meaning that I would be running 6 miles, when i was only scheduled to do 5.  And then I got to the 3 mile turn-around…yep you guessed it.  I knew I had one more mile in me.  So I went for the 3.5 mile turn-around.  I totally had that Forrest Gump moment.  “I just felt like running”.

I was so amazed at how easy it was.  I just wanted to see how much I could do.  I tuned the rest of the world out, and focused on my breathing and the beat of my heart and everything else just faded away.  It was beautiful.  I went slow, a 12:19 mile pace.  But Saturdays are meant for LSDs (Long Slow Distance).

Today I had another training appointment…and another butt-kicker.  I know I will be feeling it tomorrow!  And I can’t wait.

I admit…the clean eating thing has been a challenge!  A huge challenge.  But I am doing the best I can.  I am still learning and its only been 2 weeks.  But each day is a chance to learn more and get it right.

So today for lunch…my very own:

Egg White and Turkey Mess:

In the mess: 2 egg whites, 2 broken up feta stuffed turkey meatballs, spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion and a tri colored grilled pepper blend.  I didn’t really measure anything but the egg whites.  Just spray a little bit of cooking spray on a pan, and dump the egg whites in the pan.  Add the veggies in this order: tomatoes, red onion, peppers and spinach.  Stir to mix and you are done as soon as the spinach begins to wilt.  You could also add cheese, but I wanted to keep this as clean as possible.

This is a great meal.  It has tons of lean protein and it’s loaded with veggies.  You can really add whatever veggies you like.  It’s just a glorified omelet without cheese.  I am starting to adapt to the fact that eggs aren’t just for breakfast. 

So today was the last workout in the 11 Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge…how’d it go for you?  Do you see the awesome changes?


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