The crack-down

Ok…confession time

I have not been following my clean eating challenge very well.  Some days, not at all. 😦  Sorry kids.  I am a stress eater and these last two weeks have been very stressful.  But I think I am back in the game.

Last night I was reading through that new Tosca Reno book that I got.

And found a very strict plan to follow for the next two weeks.

No dairy, no sugar…lots of fish and chicken and turkey.

I will however been sneaking the yogurt otherwise I will go insane.  Plus it will keep me from eating a bunch of ice cream!

After making the shopping list I see that it’s a lot of green!  But that’s just fine by me.  Green is good for you!

I will try to get the plan up here this afternoon so that you can all see how crazy I am.  And now I am off to the grocery store!


4 thoughts on “The crack-down”

    1. It’s awesome! It gives the Clean Eating principles, the benefits, 3 different eating plans with shopping lists and about 50 different recipes. It has tons of health related information, and workout stuff too!

      1. Hmm… interesting. I bought a clean eating cookbook from clean eating magazine. It is fine, but a little boring and I find that there are more interesting ideas on different websites/blogs that I come across.

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