Anniversary trip recap

Last week The Amazing Jeff and I left for our 3 year anniversary vacation.  We had been planning this vacation for months.  And we were so giddy on the flight out.

We spent the next two days in Ogden, Utah with TAJ’s Mom and two youngest siblings.  Then we packed up the car and headed off to Vegas!

Vegas was amazing.  We spent three days lounging, drinking and sightseeing.  It was the best three days ever.  I loved it.

Then it was time to pick up rental car #2 and head off into the sunset…California that is!

The drive was beautiful, and lovely.

Once we got to California we got to go to Downtown Disney…

the beach…

The Griffith Observatory…

And the LA lights at night…WOW

And then…

MARVEL studios.

Yes, I am a nerd and this made my last day in LA the best…oh and…

In & Out burger.  Oh yummy!

Then it was time to come home…

Seriously the most amazing time of my life.  Vegas was fun, but California was…

Breathtaking.  I feel like I left a part of my soul there.  We are already planning our next trip out there… 🙂

I keep seeing palm trees everywhere…




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