Baby’s got her new goal jeans…

I have a new goal, and a plan!

And along with that…new goal jeans! 


I know it won’t take much to get into them, but the goal is 15 pounds gone by September 1st.  Since I have not done much in the way of weight loss in the last few months, I need a big goal to get me moving again.  But that also means that I am going to need a little help along the way.

So here’s the plan:

Eat as cleanly as I possibly can; and since I am not much of a fan of junk and fast-food…that shouldn’t be a problem.  And since I already have clean eating resources, and meals, meals and more meals…this is going to be easy duty.

Go back to 2-a-days.  Ugh, the part I am least excited about.  But the part that will be most effective in achieving my goal.  But I’ve decided that I don’t necessarily have to hit the gym twice per day.  I just need to workout twice.  And I have lots of tools at my disposal to do this.  I have the bike, weights and these babies:

Plus a few others. 

And the third part of my plan…Isagenix.  I have a few items from them, and love them.  And part of this plan is to use their 9-day cleanse system to kickstart this and then use it to maintain as needed.  Seven pounds is the average weight loss for people using the Cleanse and Fat Burning System for nine days. The five nutritional components of the system help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss. Stimulant free.

What is Isagenix you ask?  Well, head on over to my website and find out!  Isagenix is a wonderful line of proteins, suppliments, and even skin care to help you be the healthiest you that you can be.   I have so many firends that have used these products and had amazing results!  It came highly reccomended by several friends, so I thought I’d give it a go!  I know that I won’t be dissapointed with my results.

I’m not sure I can even remember what I’d look like at 117 pounds!

Do you have any new goals for the rest of the summer?


2 thoughts on “Baby’s got her new goal jeans…”

  1. i LOVE my 7 jeans!!! I too, have a pair that I am trying to fit in. i have two pair that are on the verge of being too big and one that fits perfectly (except for being too long) 🙂 best jeans ever. you can do this! you are awesome! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I can actually get them on, but they are too tight to move in. I want to look great in them, not like a stuffed sausage! LOL. I can hem those for you! And you can keep the original hem too! Let me know!

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