Mik Jagger was wrong…

I can too get satisfaction!


From a great workout that leaves me laying on the gym floor exhausted and super proud.  I have found that I am quite skilled in kicking my butt in circuit workouts.  Not to mention the hour of cardio that precedes the butt-kicking circuits.

The meaning of satisfaction in regards to the workout…as long as I am smiling at the end…then I achieved my goal.  I just have to push myself harder and farther than the previous workout.  And some days I do that and some days I don’t.  And on those days it helps to remember that session that left me begging myself for a break.  However, I am a hard-ass and don’t let up.  I also don’t quit a session because it’s too hard.  I made a goal and the only way to achieve it is to finish what I started!  There is no shame in making adjustments to the day, and knowing your limits.  But get out there are at least try.

When was the last time you pushed yourself to the edge?


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