Isagenix 9 day deep cleanse: day 1

This morning my Isagenix 9-day Deep Cleanse arrived!  And I am so excited to do this cleanse, and see where it takes me.

This kit includes pretty much everything that you need to do the 9 day program!

Part of the program is tracking your progress…taking measurements etc.  As I was doing that I realized that I have not done any progress updates in a while, and what a perfect time to post that!



Before Jan 2012 156lbs



Now august 2012 132lbs

One of the awesome things about this program is the schedule provided!  Isagenix breaks it all down for you and gives you a schedule of what to eat and when.  And if you know me, you know I love a schedule and a routine!

So to recap day 1: Shake day

Not too hungry until the end of the day.  I counted 2 hours of cleaning as my exercise because my house was trashed, and I was working up a sweat and kept moving for the entire 2 hours. Lunch was a bit lighter than I probably should have had, but I amazingly was not starving!  That may change tomorrow… 😀

I can see the cleanse days are going to be tough, but the shake days are too…I didn’t have all of the support options that I thought I did; but I also didn’t know that I needed them.  Now I do and an FYI to you if you ever choose to order this from me.  But they do include the Isagenix snacks!  as part of the pack; however I feel like I need more to eat.

But all in all…not a bad day!


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