Isagenix 9 day deep cleanse: day 7

Day 7…shake day.

Not eating actual food that I’m used to is hard. Yes I am consuming sustenance, something to keep me going. But I like food! So this has been a challenge. One that I am glad I’m doing. And one I can certainly see I’ll need to do again as I am a little cheater.
Having junk food accessible is like having drugs in your pantry when you are a recovering addict. I want something, and because I’ve not been allowed to eat it that is the first thing my brain instinctively goes for. Bad Krysty, BAD!
Even if this cleanse is not a smashing success, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and the choices I make and why. And I hope that I can actually remember this when I make food choices now.




3 thoughts on “Isagenix 9 day deep cleanse: day 7”

  1. Why are you not eating real food on shake days? Shakes are only one part of the equation. If you are also working out 4+ hours per week, you should be having a few meals to fuel those workouts. Things are just spread out more. Instead of having 500-700 at lunch, you have 2 400 calorie meals + your 2 100 calorie snacks and 2 shakes per day. Remember that the cleanse isn’t about deprivation, it’s about achieving balance in your body and in your eating habits! Kick ass, Krysty!!

    1. Oh I am eating food, but I am used to oatmeal and hardboiled eggs in the morning, fruit whenever I want and a meal at dinner. I am missing being able to eat dinner with Jeff, and it’s hard not being able to do that. I’ve also been kind of a punk with the working out this week. It was kind of a weird week to do this. But that is life, its gonna be weird and there is never a perfect week to reallign your body without distraction and temptation.

      1. You’re totally right – there’s no easy time but that’s part of creating the lifestyle and veering away from the D word, right? 😉 Use eating with Jeff as your motivation to get your workouts going!! If you workout 35 minutes every day or 40 minutes 6 days, you can do the plan I laid out and enjoy that meal time with TAJ. Those connection points will totally keep you going!! Can’t wait to hear your final results!

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