2 ingredient pumpkin spice cookies

Now that we are into september…it’s time to bust out the Pumpkin!!

I found this sweet little treat from PB Fingers…and I just had to try it!

What you need:

1 package of spice cake mix

1 can of pumpkin puree

I chose to make some GF cookies, so I went to Whole Foods and got organic and GF ingredients, but you can do what ever you want here.

Preheat oven to 350

Put em in a bowl

Mix em up and then scoop a spoonful on to a sprayed baking sheet.  The PB Fingers recipe stated to bake for 10-12 minutes, but I found that the cookies looked too doughy yet at that point so I baked mine for close to 16-18 minutes.

They did not last long!  I took a bunch up to a friend whose oldest child has GF diet restrictions, and they went to town on them!  Well, so did we!

I cannot wait to make these again, only trying some add-ons like dark chocolate chips, raisins, walnuts…the varieties are endless!




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